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Sony A7s III vs Sony A7s II: Which Is Better?

The recording period on the a7S II was restricted to 30 minutes; however, these limitations have been eliminated, and the a7S III will continue to shoot until the battery dies or the memory cards are completely filled. You could be under the impression that 12 megapixels isn't a lot of pixels in 2020. But although while the number of pixels across the sensor is fewer, the size of these pixels is far greater than on cameras with higher resolution sensors, such as the Sony a7R IV, which has a 61MP sensor. It is because of the increased pixel size of the a7S II and the new a7S III that they are able to capture such significant volumes of light. In tests, Sony found that the A7S III's battery life improved by 60% when compared to the A7S II, with 95 minutes of video recording through the LCD and 600 photos per charge, respectively.
The purpose of this article is to provide an answer to that issue by examining the ten most significant changes between the Sony a7S III and its predecessor, the a7S II. Even after accounting for inflation, it is a significant premium over the launch price of the Sony A7S II, which was $3,000 / £2,500 / AU$4,799 at the time of its release in 2015. To be exact, at the time of this writing, you can pick up an A7S II for a tempting $1,999 (£1,999) or $2,899 (AU$2,899).
Because design cycles are often two to three years, we could have to wait quite a time before we see additional models with the same characteristics as those seen in the A7SIII. In the case of the A7C, I suppose that the A7SIII menu structure, among other things, was unavailable in-house at the start of the design cycle. Handsome90, who would want to purchase a camera that could be used for both video and photography? This includes the vast majority of wedding photographers, anybody who does not want to spend the money on two cameras instead of one, and anyone who chooses to learn how to handle one model camera rather than two. For the majority of users, the 12MP sensor is insufficient for photography.
Personally, I would have made a comparison between the A7iii and the A7S iii. The A7iii's video specifications are similar to those of the A7S ii, but it has more samples for more detailed 4K video than its predecessor. The A7S II's autofocus is also among the weakest of any camera released in the recent five years, however the A7iii's autofocus is current and much improved.
The key to preserving that comfortable price differential is the inclusion of firmware features such as limited bit-rate in the cheaper cameras. As an engineer, I think in terms of product design teams and subsystems when I think about product design. Once these types of features have been created and the necessary HW/SW infrastructure has been established, the cost of adding them into new designs is often quite cheap.
Despite the fact that they both have the identical a7S branding on the front of the camera, the a7S and a7S II have a somewhat different design when it comes to their overall appearance. The a7S has a look and feel that is extremely similar to that of a normal mirrorless camera. It is tiny and difficult to grip, and its buttons have a mechanical feel to them.
At ISO 25,600, there is a significant difference in lowlight performance between the Sony a7S and Sony a7S II.
As a freelancer, he has worked on projects for publications such as The Sunday Times, FourFourTwo, and Arena. Moreover, in a previous existence, he was named the Daily Telegraph's Young Sportswriter of the Year for the first time. It wasn't until later that he found the peculiar pleasures of waking up at four in the morning to film a picture shoot in London's Square Mile.
But, as with everything, there is a limit, and the limit for both cameras seems to be 25,600 ISO for a linear profile and 80,000 ISO for a log profile, according to the information available. Another interesting feature is that the A7S III looks to offer something of a dual-native ISO mode, where there is an improvement in picture quality after exceeding a specific high ISO threshold. This has not been verified by Sony, so it is possible that this is simply wishful thinking or a bit of unintentional software wizardry on Sony's part. The quantity of color information is 64 times more than before, and this has a significant impact on banding, color fringing, and overall correctness of the final picture.
Sony, with their technological know-how, would have no trouble putting in an even higher resolution version. Who said that rangefinder-style bodies had to have poor electronic viewfinders? Just because the EVF on the a7c is hampered does not imply that it should be the same on a higher-end version of the camera.
Keep up to speed with frequent CineD updates on the latest news, reviews, how-tos, and other topics. If these features are important to you, then the Sony a7S II should be on your short list. It's a capable small camera, and at the end of the day, $2,998 for a tool that produces such high-quality images and has a plethora of customization choices is the greatest value available at this price point right now.

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